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Rent a Boom Truck in Calgary with Sonny’s Crane

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A boom truck is a commercial truck-mounted hydraulic crane.  It is a crane consisting of a rotating structure with a telescopic boom attached to a commercial truck chassis.  Its function is to lift, lower, and swing loads at various radii, requiring the use of outriggers/stabilizers.  My  boom truck has a flatbed that I use to transport items either on site or to a different location.  Please click on the Lifting Capacity Chart below.  This will display a chart for my 20 ton Boom Truck.   You are able to utilize this chart to assess the weight and distance of where my boom truck sets up to the item you need hoisted.  This will determine if my boom truck will safely do your job.  Please call Sonny at 403-510-2680 to aid you in this process. He will be happy to explain the Hoist charts to you.

Lifting Capacity Chart